Migration is as old as the evolution of human race. From the very beginning man has moved from one place to another in search of food, shelter and better life. Over the time when his needs began to be fulfilled at one place, they settled in villages. Mutual cooperation and cultural ties in villages were so strong nobody thinks to leave his village. But with the passage of time, their needs increased and some people have to go to cities. Even then they remain in touch with their native villages, often visit back home.

Since the last few decades with people have started migrating to foreign countries and settled their permanently. At present we are living in a society of millions to hundreds of millions of people, most of which are strangers to us. Persons of the older generations visit back home, they have emotional ties with their native homes, country. They also try to keep young generations in touch with their roots but after some time they may forget. But it is sure that some of them might want to know about their roots, also some people may trace their ancestors for curiosity sake. Others hope to find a relative that was famous or important; some others may want to trace their roots simply for just want to know who they are from where they come from.

Now with the help of advanced technology, it is very easy to preserve and share our old memories and make it available for our next generation to come. By launching this website we have tried to work with the motive of preserving and sharing the memories of our native village Jalwehra.

VILL. Jalwehra was founded by the heirs of Doad clan, Maximum available details about it along with links of all sources are provided in the Home section of this website. More information can also be incorporate if provide. We can succeed in our mission only with your help, so we humbly request to share all your memories by uploading through the link in this website. We will incorporate your valuable memories and suggestions on the website.